Safe & Healthy Youth Initiative

A collaboration with businesses, institutions, grassroots organizations and prevention agencies designed to disseminate information to youth that promotes healthy lifestyles.

Gift Bags
Are given to each young person that attends the Harambee Pre-Kwanzaa Festival in December. Bags contain educational and entertainment items including pencils, magnets, coloring books, toys, buttons, brochures, etc. Most of the items contain or are imprinted with messages about safety and health. Items are donated or purchased through sponsorships.

•For students provide insight into the popular culture and how it impacts values and self-worth.
•For educators give teachers and administrators tools for bringing the values of Kwanzaa in to the classroom

Topics Include:
Healthy Nutrition
Conflict Resolution
Youth Empowerment

Cultural Media
Compact Discs; DVDS; Handbills; Books; containing messages that encourage safe and healthy living.

What partners do:
• Provide items for gift bags
• Sponsor printing of materials
• Sponsor tickets or buses for youth to attend Harambee Pre-Kwanzaa Festival and other programs
• Give Financial Support for Programs